Best Power Tool Brands

There are many brands in the market and each specialize in something in particular, this time we are looking over the best power tool brands, brands that focus on adding additional power to their tools for harder works. This can be achieved with electric motors, compressed air or internal combustion engines. Nowadays there are many cordless power tools, using rechargeable batteries, like lithium batteries, without reducing power and allowing to work comfortable according to the circumstances.

best power tool brands

These are some of the Best Power Tool Brands and what they focus on

Snap-On: Definitely one of the best power tool brands around, the only counter is the price, is a little too high compared to other high-quality brands, but is surely worth it, compensated with premium products and service, ideal for everyday work, their tools are engineered ergonomically and endurable, very unlikely to break.

Bosch: Premium quality and durability, they specialize in professional works. Their cordless drills and impact drivers are the best around. When it comes to price, is cheaper than Snap-On, but more expensive than Milwaukee, excellent variety and great power.

Milwaukee: Power and reliability, Milwaukee is the best when it comes to speed control price, longevity and ergonomics. They offer a 5 year warranty. And also most of their tools use the same battery, but they don’t last long. Milwaukee is owned by the same company that owns Ryobi Power Tools, which are good, low priced, but the quality is inferior.

Craftsman: Craftsman is the major brand, targeting mainly homeowners, and it should hold up well for domestic uses. Craftsman remains top when referring to cordless drills, with multiple varieties, sizes, weight and voltage.

DeWalt: This brand, owned by Stanley tool is the best when comes to performance, durability and real power. They have the best support of any manufacturer, very high quality products, but they lack in selection. Suitable for industrial, professional uses and other proposes.

Makita: Well, Makita has the largest variety of tools with more than 70 and a few exclusives. They have 1 warranty year. One of the best tools is the Hammer Drill with great power. Excellent quality and good prices, but it have some battery issues, like, the heaviest cordless tools don’t last long, and sometimes don’t have enough power.

Black & Decker: Another major brand focused on homeowners, for non-pro and casual home projects, manufacturing, home improvement or metalworking machinery manufacturing. Despite DeWalt is a branch of Black & Decker, DeWalt focuses in professional and more precise tools.

So, when it comes to choosing the best tool, you have to consider what do you need it for and which one is better to get the job done. Brands like Craftsman and Black & Decker are tools designed for home projects. Now, if you work with tools, and use them in a daily basis, brands like DeWalt, Bosch and Milwaukee are better performing for long periods, good endurance and power in cordless tools and great battery long-lasting.Each brand is special in their own way with excusive features, innovation, area of expertise and advantage.

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