Black & Decker and their best 18v drill

The Black & Decker 18v drill comes with 30 metal accessories and it is ideal for drilling metal, plastic, or wood. It comes with an easy grip handle, and a magnetic tip to help hold those hard screws while you try to put them in hard places. The drill has a quality feel to it.

What is it about this 18v drill?

The Black & Decker brand guarantees that you can easily separate its performance from lower-quality drills which tend to have a bit of wobble and play while drilling. This problem is not seen on the LD120VA even when using a long attachment.

The drill is built to a much tighter tolerance, which guarantees a tighter grip when dealing with screws. Another positive aspect of this drill is the level of torque it offers for the price point it starts at.

Furthermore, it has an easily adjustable speed control. It gives you the precision to turn a screw at the exact speed you want. This is very helpful to avoid over-torque and having the bit jump out of the screw. Lastly, it has a nice weight, making it not too tiresome to the arm when holding for long periods of time.

The negative part is the relative closeness to the higher tier drills, which makes its shortcomings more obvious. There is a lack of LEDs to spotlight your work area, which is common in drills at this range. Built-in horizontal and vertical level also lacks. The traditional elongated drill profile makes it extremely long, and inconvenient when adding an extension.

The Black and Decker 18v drill comes with 66 tools and accessories and a bag for easy carriage. The drill offers a durable and reliable battery that can go for a full day of work without a recharge. It is ideal for barn usage or greenhouse construction. The accessories that accompany the drill are very handy and as reliable as the drill itself.

Like the LD120VA, this 18v drill comes with a magnetic tip in order to help screw in those hard to reach places. The set includes a hammer for those moments when the drill becomes unnecessary, along with a manual screwdriver in case the electrical one needs recharging. The recharging time is quite low, and it offers the same comfort and control as the LD120VA.

The shortcoming revolts around the quality of the machine. The drill is made for housework and not professional work. Thusly, anything overusing the drill might create overheating problems and eventually the malfunction of the drill itself. Furthermore, while the accessories are made of high quality, it must be noted they are prone to easily break if used improperly.

Overall the LD120VA is a great buy for when you already have most of your house tools and are just missing a good drill. However, the LDX120PK 18v drill is excellent for first time owners and people who want to do a large amount of housework.

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