Hitachi brings the best compound miter saw

The 10-inch Hitachi compound miter saw is all you could ask for. Whether you are a newbie or an experimented handyman, you would simply give it 5 stars. Checking all of its features with a critical eye, below is a list of features, pros and cons that will help you decide on the purchase of this heavy-duty steel construction saw that will be worth every dime and every penny of its price.

Main features of the best compound miter saw

One of the things that make Hitachi the best compound miter saw will be that the laser marker system is always on and can’t be turned on or off, fantastic option for newbies, as it increases the cutting accuracy. Also, its 0-52 Degree miter angle range will go right and left to increase the flexibility. It can support up to 400 lbs and the support extensions will go until 8′ in order to support longer material.

One important thing is that, unless you want to burn out the motor in your saw, you need to use the proper extension cords. You cannot use this saw with a standard cord as the one you would use for your Christmas lights, but instead buy a 12/3 or 10/3 outdoor cord for this saw so that the motor doesn’t under a load.


  • The saw is well built and it’s sturdy.
  • It has a powerful motor which can handle most framing materials, lumber, hardwoods all of them with ease, and it will cut up to 2×6 wide in one pass.
  • Includes great accessories: the laser, a material clamp, and the extension bars. This is a very good, all inclusive package. You probably know that most of the higher end saws don’t include these essentials.
  • It is absolutely light, and portable.
  • Last but not least, its unparalleled five year warranty. Hitachi will respond by their best compound miter saw for the years to come.


  • The laser is not flawlessly accurate out of the box. The user needs to align the laser to either blade left or right, and use it like this for all cuts.
  • The blade guard lock’s screws are over-torqued. You must not force the screw too hard to undo it, as it might strip it.
  • Blade changes become awkward as you must hold the blade guard open with one hand and hold down the blade lock, while you unscrew the arbor bolt with your other hand all at once.
  • To finish, the availability of accessories is questionable. If using this to cut crown, you will need the crown stops. You can buy them, but they are harder to find, and they are more expensive than the usual $25 Dewalt crown stops you can find anywhere.

That being said, it’s a great compound miter saw with a price range from $107 to $150 that includes all the safety devices you will want for your operation.

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