The impact screwdriver of Dewalt

You do not have to be a contractor, an experienced handyman, or even someone who understands tools to use this screwdriver. This tool might not help you build a bridge, but it will surely be the impact driver you have always wanted for simple projects. If you have already had regular drivers, some other corded drivers, drill/driver, you will understand much better this impact screwdriver.

DEWALT DCF885B impact screwdriver

The first thing you need is to understand what an impact driver is and does in order to determine if you need one. We know that in reality everybody needs one, because a powerful impact driver is always required to loosen stubborn bolts and all those screws that can’t be removed easily. There will never be a rusty bolt at home or in your car impossible to shift with conventional tools, and if you use the improper tool, it is possible you will end up shearing off the bolt head.

When you use this Dewalt impact driver, the forces that rotate down will loosen the bolt properly for you. This impact driver can work in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction. You can also use it to drive long screws into hard materials like brick or tough wood, this impact screwdriver will do that work with ease.

The DEWALT DCF885B 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1/4″ impact screwdriver features a compact and lightweight design of 5.55″ from front to back, which perfectly fits into tight areas. This tool offers three LED lights that provide visibility without shadows, these lights have a 20 second delay after you release the trigger so you are able to finally see on the exact spot.

The single-handed loading 1/4″ hex chuck works with 1″ bit tips, go buy you a set of hex bits to use with or you will have to play with it until you get the parts you need. Take notes that this is not a typical drill with bits; you still need a stand alone drill which will make your life easier. A belt hook is included, making it portable.

Some people might think that this portability feature will make the driver lack of power, but the Dewalt DCF885B impact screwdriver’s brushless motor is capable of delivering up to 125 feet pounds of torque, with a variable speed up to 2800 RPM which provides greater control. This brushless motor is definitely a great step forward from the previous brush motor.

The new motor makes the battery last much longer so you can spend more time using your impact driver without the battery draining. Of course, you do not want to use its full power in every situation. This is why you have the option to control the speed of the impact driver with the trigger, which has good response.

There are many times when you will need a high quality impact driver, and the Dewalt DCF885B promises to comply every time. This impact driver can be used anywhere.

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